Series "I" positive displacement pumps are particularly suitable for conveying and transporting low, medium, high viscosity liquids.

Very important is the fact that the liquid is pumped without the slightest pulsation, with continuous flow, all this to the advantage of the pump because valves, fittings and pipes are not subject to harmful vibrations. 

The internal gear pumps have a good rotation speed that allows high flow rates even in compact monobloc versions.

Series “I” pumps are easy to maintain: inspections and possible adjustments can be made without removing the pipes, motors and pumps themselves.

Technical Features

Functional Features

The change in volume caused by the engagement generates suction (when the volume increases) and discharge (when the volume decreases). The flow is constant without pulsation which does not cause the pumped liquid to beat.

Gear pumps are reversible, i.e. they operate in both directions of rotation, maintaining their operating characteristics unchanged and self-priming up to 7 ml of water column with a maximum pressure of 20 bar.


Special executions: born from a continuous research of materials for the most varied applications.

types of seals

The pumps can be supplied with bare shaft or coupled to motors, gearboxes or variators.
The rotation speed of the pump is defined according to different parameters, the viscosity of the product to be pumped is essential.

Find out in which sectors our internal gear pumps can be used:

Chemical Products - Petroleum Products - Soaps and Detergents - Adhesives - Paints and Inks - High Temperature Liquids - Food Products

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internal positive displacement gear pumps "I" series

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