The gear pumps are pumps designed for the transfer of viscous fluids without suspended solids.
The coupled gear pumps are convoluted pumps.

E Series Pumps

The E and NE series pumps are positive displacement pumps suitable for the transfer of viscous liquids without solids in suspension.

NE Series Pumps

Idropres cycloidal positive displacement pumps are particularly suitable for conveying and transporting low, medium and high viscosity liquids.

NE 20 Series Pumps

The cycloidal positive displacement pumps type NE 20, are particularly suitable for the transfer of dense liquids and in particular of printing pastes and thickeners.

I Series Pumps

The internal gear pumps have a good rotation speed that allows to obtain high flow rates even in compact monobloc versions.

Positive displacement gear pumps can be used for:

Chemical Products

Petroleum Products

Soaps & Detergents


Paints & Inks

High Temperature Liquids

Food Products