The pumps of the CH-X series are of the centrifugal type with open impeller, constructed in the parts in contact with the liquid entirely in AISI 316 stainless steel.

CH-X Pumps are particularly suitable for solvents, dye products, acidsand fluids with suspended particles.

The simple construction allows easy and quick maintenance and the oversizing of the mechacnic parts is a guarantee of considerable strength. The standard execution is equipped with a simple or fluxed mechanical seal, the version with packing seal is also available.

CH-X series pumps are available in monobloc version with unified motor form B5, or mounted on a support base, coupled by means of elastic motor coupling form B3.

Find out in which sectors our centrifugal pumps can be used:

Chemical Products - Petroleum Products - Soaps and Detergents - Adhesives - Paints and Inks - High Temperature Liquids - Food Products

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Idropres offers the design of customized pumps, sale, repair and assistance of centrifugal pumps of any brand worldwide.

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