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Service Travaini

The stories of IDROPRES and pumps TRAVAINI have been intertwined since the first years of activity.
Given the proximity IDROPRES often performed repairs on Travaini pumps working, to spare parts and so on, with the company of Castano.
Always both companies share a deep mutual respect.
The exchange of ideas and mutual knowledge has allowed, over the years, the improvement of the products of both companies.
In 2008 with the outsourcing by pumps TRAVAINI of maintenance on their pumps, IDROPRES SRL was chosen as the authorized SERVICE for repair, overhaul and sales of the full range of TRAVAINI pumps.
IDROPRES is capable of performing repairs of centrifugal pumps, self-priming, power boiler and vacuum (monobloc or bareshaft).
Relying on the latest generation of machines, used for the production of its range of pumps, repairs can be performed in a workmanlike manner.
The pumps are repaired by IDROPRES reconditioned without leaving no detail to chance.
Each work must ensure that the customer receives a pump overhauled new!