motoriduttore pompa volumetrica
Pompa volumetrica
Pompa volumetrica - motoriduttore

Pumps Repair

IDROPRES, since the early years of business, has always supported the production of its range of pumps the audit and maintenance of pumps.
The experience gained over the years and the aid of the latest generation of machines, used for the production, allows to carry out repairs on any type of pump: vacuum pumps, centrifuges, self-priming, power boiler, boxer, progressive cavity, piston, metering, membrane, diathermic oil, a hollow disc, vane, gear, submarines, submersible etc. of any brand.
The mutual esteem, with many brands of Italian history and not pumps, allows IDROPRES to find spare parts of any brand.
To complete its range of services IDROPRES performs maintenance on electric motors, gearboxes, variable-speed motors, blowers and all related products to the (mechanical seals, pumps, etc.)
The idea is to provide IDROPRES pumps overhauled to perfection, leaving no detail to chance.
All pumps that leave the workshop have been reconditioned!
A well executed work allows the customer to gain confidence.
Who performs repairs once you can leave out some details. Not so IDROPRES because our customers are accustomed to bring their pumps regularly and then a repair not done correctly would fall on the next repair job.

Pompa volumetrica - motoriduttore
Pompa volumetrica - motoriduttore