Pompa E500 sezione



The positive displacement pumps are particularly suited to move low, medium and high viscosity fluids. Key factor is that the liquid is moved without the minimal pulsation with a continuous flow, that advantage the whole plant too, that does not endure deleterious vibrations. Positive displacement pumps have a low speed of the rotor that allows a longer life of pump itself. Another feature, the pumps Series ” E” have an easy access: inspections and maintenance can be carried without removal of piping, motor and pump.


– proportional to the number of turns; As pressure changes, the flow remains almost
– self-priming and reversible: they can rotate in both directions without altering their performance;
– they can pump, indifferently, liquids at low medium and high viscosity, while maintaining the same
   pair of gears, without blows or emulsions of the pumped product.

FUNCTIONAL CHARACTERISTICS The spin of the two gears, one inner the other, separated from an half-moon (flow separator) generates a constant flow without pulsations or flow banging on the liquid. The separation of the teeth generates the suction, their meeting the delivery. The epicycloidal pumps are reversible, so can work in both directions of rotation, maintaining unchanged their self-priming characteristics of operation up to 7 ml of water column and maximum pressures up to 10 kg/cm2. The currently produced range of the E series pumps, has a capacity from 1 mc/h to 110 mc/h